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This is a reference document for customers who have recently been setup on Google Apps, this is the commercial version of the Google suite of applications that some of you may be familiar with through Gmail, and is used by over 4 million businesses globally including the likes of Motorola, Land Rover and so forth.

If you forget your password you can text the helpdesk on +61-403-888-884 please include your full name and the new password you would like to use.

The setup is simple and the instructions fully documented so you should be able to self-manage the setup however the helpdesk is always available to assist with the process if or when required.

Setting Up Shortcuts:

  • PC users can access email/contacts/calendars via Microsoft Outlook (click here to setup)
  • PC Users will also need to use the Google Apps Desktop (click here to install) this is required for access to the document management system and can also be used for Email and Calendar
  • There is also a chat client called Google Talk this can be downloaded and installed on your PC so you can use the internet to message or talk within the organisation mac users read here
  • Mac users will need to use the IMAP settings for “email only” access (Apple Mail 3.x or Apple Mail 4.x) and the web sites below
  • For any platform you can use the browser based versions with no setup required just use the url format below:
    • http://mail.YOURDOMAIN           WebMail
    • http://docs.YOURDOMAIN          Documents
    • http://calendar.YOURDOMAIN  Calendars
    •           intranet

This system will ensure all data is backed up securely in the Cloud protecting you against a lost, stolen or damaged computer, similarly when setup correctly mobile handsets will sync direct with your corporate account protecting against data loss on your phone.

We prefer you use the Google Chrome web browser available for PC or Mac, the reason for this it allows you to save your bookmarks/favourites passwords etc. in your secure account

How it works videos can be found here:

Sometimes referred to as the Self Harm section, just remember a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing ... so if you're at all unsure call the help desk.

This content is provided for the use of our clients in configuring systems, service and application we manage on behalf our clients. Any information provided here may not be correct for your specific configuration if you do not have systems that were installed and configured by Paladin Technology ®

Some content is only available to users who have logged in, you will need to use your "Google for Work" account just click the Google button in the menu column