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Anti-spam uses a whitelist so firstly send an email to the person and have them reply to your email this solves 99% of problems by adding the recipient to the auto-whitelist.


Second step, to assist in diagnoses of an email delivery issue, first we need accurate data to work with so please send a copy of the failure message this is essential and needs to be forwarded through to the help desk.


To make tracking easy just have the sender (the person you know who cant email you) email you the recipient and CC the help desk, this is critical if you haven't got a copy of the failure message.


If you just need to test your email (send and receive) please email the help desk with the subject "Test Bounce" the server will auto respond


Note: The help desk email cannot be printed on our web site as spammers can scan the web for this info so in long form its help desk at paladin it dot com (email addresses cannot contain spaces)


Please note: Gmail cannot be used for testing as Gmail server DO NOT report detailed fault infomation

Sometimes referred to as the Self Harm section, just remember a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing ... so if you're at all unsure call the help desk.

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